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Highlands High School

Highlands High School


by Laresha Wehe

In this movie a lizard falls off the back of a car in the middle of the desert. He soon meets an Armadillo who tells him about a town and how to get there. He meets a girl who takes him into town; she tells him that the town is going through a drought. Not too long after Rango is in town he gets into some trouble with some bad people, but he shows them up and makes up a big lie about himself. Soon later, he becomes sheriff of the town not really expecting what will come next. The bank is going dry, and shortly after the water bank is robbed but the robbers find no water in the jug. Rango and his crew go off in a search to find the culprits. They find the suspects only to find out that they didn’t take the water. The town banishes Rango never to return again. He comes back only to realize that the mayor controls the water. Rango discovers that it is not himself he should worry about it is the people, and he also relies he who controls the water controls the town.

To be honest this movie was okay; I think I would give it a 3. This action packed, western, cartoon movie is a great family movie to sit down and watch with the kids. I think people should see this movie, should you pay full price to se it? NO. 3 stars